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ACCX Group

ACCX Group

ACCX provides a best in class crypto currency experience across a single platform driven ecosystem that equally services both retail and institutional clients.

Most crypto currency exchange platforms have been built for retail investors using infrastructure that is based on basic retail philosophy, which contain fundamental flaws and weaknesses in execution and security for a global product. ACCX services appeals both to institutions and to retail clients, which also can greatly improve market liquidity.

ACCX intends to establish and uphold market standards for investors and traders of all crypto assets and establish the most trusted source of exchange liquidity.

The team has multiple decades of management experience in the financial industry overseeing its drastic growth and dominance in Asia.

New generation institutional grade exchange platform designed, built and use by experience market professionals with clear definition in meeting and upholding market and client requirements in terms of speed and integrity on major crypto currency derivatives products.
We offer both cash and OTC derivatives on all major crypto currency products. Clients can trade electronically through our online institutional grade trading system or place orders over the phone to our dedicated team of experienced brokers. A team from the financial industry with extensive product knowledge.
Volatility Asset Management in digital assets. A managed fund managed by highly experience traders. The fund’s aim is to profit from the market’s price inefficiencies by using internal algorithms, fundamentals, and quantitative strategies